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Currently, the system is not set up to meet the demands

And wellness support for every kid is not possible.

Get Clayful for your School

There aren't enough
clinical providers

For every 1,200 students there's only one school psychologist

Lack of providers makes support inaccessible

Costs are high and waitlists are as long as 4-6 months

Support is reactive
rather than proactive

Students don't get help until they reach a breaking point

Educators are
burnt out

There's not enough support & educators are feeling the burden

Imagine if every kid had access
to the wellness support they need

School-wide wellness is possible with coaching from real humans

Reach every student

Yep. It’s possible. A trusted coach in every student’s pocket and/or school device.

Support beyond school hours

Coaches are there when students need them - before, during, and after school.

Intervene quickly and early

Rest easy knowing school personnel are alerted if a student is struggling.

"It's very useful when there's a conflict"

They're loving Clayful -- A LOT.

It's very useful when there's a conflict. In the past we would have had to stop teaching and support  2 or 3 students with conflict resolution.

Now I tell them - ok go on Clayful and talk to a coach. Find some strategies to emotionally regulate

Teacher, Washington

"They will listen"

10/10 recommend to anybody struggling with anything.

They listen and give you feedback.
And if you don't want feedback they will just listen.

I'm gonna recommend this, for sure.

Middle School Student

"I need connection"

I don’t need one more thing to sit in my curriculum closet.
I need connection.

I need people who are willing to do something about real issues happening right now.

Clayful does that.

Principal, Illinois

"I would find some peace"

I like that I have a resource to send them to when I have to meet at another time or reschedule.

I would find some peace.

For those kids I can’t get to, or the kids that just won’t come, or the after hours - they would have something to go to.

I would feel good about that.

Counselor, Michigan

Actionable information
for schools like never before


Schools receive insights and aggregate data on student’s wellbeing.


Support your entire school with strategies for students, families, teachers, and counselors.

• Student-centered tips
• Counselor resources
• Professional development
• Family resources and tips

Interactive Journals

Get journals customized for your school, built by a team of curriculum and mental health experts.

Give every kid someone to talk to.

Learn how Clayful can support your students now.

Safety and security
are our #1 priority

We work with a variety of experts to ensure the Clayful experience meets the most rigorous legal and security guidelines.

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