Every winning athlete

Every famous artist

Every entrepreneur

Every fulfilled adult

Every healthy student

Every winning athlete

has a coach

Thanks to your school,
now there is a community of
coaches behind your kid, too.

Let’s build healthy habits for kids
that will last a

Clayful Coaching leverages best practices from
psychology, behavioral science, neuroscience, and
education to support your ever changing teen.

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A safe space for your teen to glow✨ & grow🌱

Healthier teen, happier you.

Coaches help your child untangle the small things - the fights with friends, the stress before a test - so they don't become bigger down the road.

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Families see real growth and progress

More self-regulation
and self-awareness

Stronger identity
and self-confidence

social awareness

Better communication
and relationships

Chat-based coaching— because even when your teen doesn't want to talk, they still want to text

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How Clayful Works:

Clayful fits into their fast-paced teenage life

Kids chat from anywhere about anything

Using any device, kids talk about what's on their mind.

They learn how to navigate their feelings

Clayful Coaches listen, validate, and provide new habits for success.

They build habits to reach out instead of bottling it up

Talking about things when the stakes are low increases the chance they'll reach out when the stakes are high.

Kids love that chats are kept private (except as required by law).

Support for them,
peace of mind for you

We work with a variety of experts to ensure the Clayful experience meets the most rigorous legal and security guidelines.

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We’re on the same page about safety and security

Rigorous vetting

Coaches go through multiple background checks & reference, interviews, & certification

No assigned coaches

Students benefit from a community of coaches, instead of just one

Text only

No images are requested. Coaches kids talk to can’t see your child’s name or email address

Multiple security layers

Chats are monitored through the Clayful algorithm and a secondary Super Coach

Support not advice

Coaching is designed to support your child to discover what best works for them

Transcripts are private

Chat information is only disclosed when required or permitted by law

You + Clayful =
Family Connection

“I'm glad this chat stuff exists

I think ive kinda gathered my thoughts on how i felt.

i might talk to my mom about it.

im glad this chat stuff exists


“These are like life hacks"

There was times where I didn’t want to get up but I pushed myself.

An example was this morning I didn’t really feel like making my bed but I told myself if I make my bed then I’ll be set for the day and won’t have to come home to make the bed.

These are like life hacks.


“It was really eye opening!

I think I will do that, because it seemed very productive,
but I will make sure to balance things out so I don't over work myself.

I am going to try - maybe it will change the way I think of myself for once.

Thank you for the help!! It was really eye opening!!