Clayful Celebrates Winning Tech & Learning's "Best Tools for Back to School" Award

Tech & Learning recognizes Clayful is at the forefront of solving the student mental health challenges in today's educational landscape.

We are thrilled and honored to have been recognized by Tech & Learning magazine’s "The Best Tools for Back to School" award. This accolade is a testament to our commitment to championing the mental well-being of students everywhere.

Here's why Clayful isn't just another educational tool, but a transformative solution for schools across the globe.

The Clayful Philosophy

The genesis of Clayful was our recognition of the emotional and mental challenges confronting students today. With rising feelings of isolation and mounting mental health concerns, we envisioned Clayful as an ever-present support. We’re proud to offer on-demand, chat-based coaching in 133 languages, ensuring inclusivity at its finest.

Immediate Support, Anytime, Anywhere

In our fast-paced world, immediate support is not a luxury but a necessity. With Clayful, students aren’t restricted to timings or appointments. Whether it's post a challenging day at school or a sudden bout of anxiety late at night, Clayful’s coaches are always just a chat away.

Filling the Mental Health Gap

The demand for mental health resources has outpaced the supply, especially post-pandemic. Clayful is bridging this divide by fostering a diverse, empathetic community of coaches. Our unique training methodology, developed by leading experts in pediatric psychology & adult learning from Stanford University, is tailored to produce coaches who are adept at navigating the intricate emotional landscapes of today's students.

Augmenting School Counseling Resources

The immense pressures on school counseling departments are evident. Clayful is designed to synergize with these departments, not just alleviating the workload but ensuring that the most vulnerable students receive timely and effective intervention. The real-time insights we provide empower schools to proactively tackle student concerns.

Tackling the Root of the Challenge

Mental health is a journey, often shaped by a series of seemingly insignificant incidents. Our mission at Clayful is to intervene early, addressing these smaller concerns before they escalate into significant challenges.

Championing Equity in Mental Wellness

At Clayful, equity isn't a buzzword; it's a foundational principle. We are committed to ensuring that every student, regardless of background or circumstance, has equitable access to top-notch mental wellness resources.

Let's chat

As we step into a new academic year, we invite schools and educators to join us in our mission. Together, we can reshape the narrative around student mental health, making well-being not just an agenda item but a realized promise. Choose Clayful — where every student matters.