Our Coaching Team

Discover the "why" behind some of the real, caring humans
on a mission to end the youth mental health crisis

Clinical Coach Supervisors

Coach Karla, LCSW
I want to support a cause that is trying to reach all children regardless of socioeconomic status and other societal barriers. Through Clayful, I can help coaches feel competent and capable to support kids, and I can support children through their life experiences.
Coach Kristina, LCSW
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have always been passionate about providing mental health support to those in need. As someone who has faced and overcome a lot of adversity as a child, I feel connected to Clayful’s mission of ending the youth mental health crisis.
Coach Lydia, LCSW
What motivates me is seeing kids feel empowered to make choices that benefit them and learning new ways to honor and regulate their emotions. Clayful is taking a proactive approach to address our nation's mental health crisis by bringing coaching to our youngest and most vulnerable members of society.
Coach Marcelle, LMFT
Having a free, anonymous support at your fingertips to help during difficult times is invaluable. Some young people have limited people they feel they can talk to. I'm so glad that they know they don't have to do it alone and that they have myself and the rest of the Clayful team during these challenging moments.
Coach Milena, LAC
I've always had a passion for helping others and Clayful provides the perfect platform to do so. I continue to get motivated by all people who show up for themselves in hopes of feeling and doing better. I am also motivated by the amazing supportive staff at Clayful.
Coach Sandra, LPC-A
I am passionate about helping others and providing mental health support in any way that I can, so I was instantly drawn to Clayful's purpose to support the mental health needs of teens. I enjoy supporting coaches and kids/teens so that they may continue to discover, build on, and utilize their own strengths in challenging situations 💛️


Coach Treyvon
I have a desire to equip the next generation with tools to live a powerful life, and feel excited that I get to be a positive influence in the lives of these teens and plant seeds for life for the teens that we are entrusted to support.
Coach Becky
I was drawn to Clayful because of their mission to bridge the gap between youth and mental health services in such an innovative way; creating a safe space that allows coaches to meet the teen exactly where they are with compassion and timely support.
Coach Felicia
I received my bachelor's and master's degrees in Psychology and truly have a passion for the field. Clayful is so innovative in its approach to helping kids have a safe space to work through the challenges they may be facing. Seeing the positive impact that Clayful has on the kids who use it is so motivating.
Coach Missy
I have worked with kids and teens for a long time and saw there was a huge need for support for school-aged kids. I found Clayful and loved the idea of being able to help these kids without them feeling uncomfortable by staying anonymous. I feel motivated knowing that just spending some time with them that they can feel supported and understood.
Coach Skylar
I am currently studying psychology and I am very interested in helping others with their mental health. Working with Clayful has shown me how amazing and fulfilling this work is. I am incredibly lucky to work with Clayful and be able to help kids!
Coach Cemone
I am a clinical mental health therapist and I know that the young adults I work with could have benefited from something like Clayful. Clayful bridges the gap and gives kids a chance to work through things or just talk to someone who wants to understand, support, cheer on, and has the time to listen.
Coach Noah
I want to be someone who makes a change in the world by helping kid's understand that they are not alone in their situations and help the next generation be mindful of their mental health.
Coach Ariana
I’m so honored to be part of such a powerful mission. I can’t wait to see Clayful grow as we reach and empower even more kids and teens all across the nation!
Coach Morgan
Clayful wants to ensure that our kids and teens had someone in their corner, no matter what is going on. Clayful is a community that I needed as a child, but lucky for me, I am now a part of this community as an adult! Seeing how receptive kids and teens are to the ideas or what the coaches have to say is truly amazing.
Coach Marcus
I wanted a chance to give back to the youth because the young people need an outlet; someplace to go to feel supported. There is an increased necessity for superheroes like us.
Coach Nessly
Clayful values supporting every kid, no matter who they are, and I love having the opportunity to be a part of something new and so needed for kids and teens in the mental health space. Chatting with them makes my day!

. . . and many more!

Safety and security are our #1 priority

Rigorous vetting

Coaches go through multiple background & reference checks, interviews, & certification

No assigned coaches

Students benefit from a community of coaches, instead of just one

Text only

No images or personal information is requested. Coaches can’t see student names or email addresses

Multiple security layers

Chats are monitored through the Clayful algorithm & a Coach Supervisor

Support not advice

Coaching is designed to support your child to discover what works for them

Transcripts are private

Chat information is only disclosed when required or permitted by law

Coaches are trained mental health professionals

Highly vetted

Coaches go through multiple national & local background checks, references, and interviews.

Trained & certified

Coaches must complete Clayful's proprietary certification based on CBT, DBT, and ACT strategies.

Continuously supported

Coaches receive ongoing professional learning & support from the Coach Success team.

Give every kid someone to talk to.

Learn how Clayful can support your students now.