Family FAQ

Clayful works with families to provide kids with care.
Check out frequently asked questions below.

Can I know what my child is talking about with a Clayful Coach?

Coaching is a place for students to practice communication, see situations from multiple points of view and prepare for meaningful conversations with others.  Families often share how much better their relationship is with their child after coaching has begun.

In order to provide a safe and judgment-free space for kids, Clayful is a confidential space. Keeping coaching sessions confidential builds trust in the coaching process and invites students to experiment with new ideas.

We act as a partner to schools and families. Every month, Clayful shares key topics being discussed in Clayful chats with your child’s school and with you along with tips and strategies you can use to support meaningful conversations with your child.

There are circumstances in which breaking confidentiality is required. Clayful will disclose confidential information in order to protect a student or others from harm.

What does a typical coaching session look like?

Students login on a computer, or through the Clayful app on a mobile device, to get connected with a coach within two minutes. All conversations are through text - no video, audio, or images are exchanged (except for fun GIFs!). 

Upon connecting, the coach will: 
1. invite the student to talk through their thinking and feelings that prompted them to reach out 
2. ask open-ended questions to help the student think about their ideas in new ways 
3. invite the student to create a vision for what’s next  
4. help the student come up with something they can try to achieve their vision

We have certain beliefs and values. Will these be upheld during a coaching session?

Coaches are trained and certified to refrain from sharing personal information, beliefs, values or any advice with students. 

Coaching is designed to support students in developing their own healthy habits such as critical thinking, problem solving, and transparent communication. Coaches are trained to support students to set their own goals and work towards them.

What happens if my child shares something that requires more support?

Clayful has robust and clear escalation procedures. If a coach believes a student may be at risk of harming themselves or others, a coach will initiate Clayful’s escalation process.

Depending on the severity of the escalation, a report may be made to a local agency and the student’s school. The school will reach out to the student’s family to support with next steps.

Does my child talk to one coach or several coaches?

Students receive coaching support from a community of coaches, not just one.

A team approach for coaching provides students with a wide range of perspectives and strategies to try.

How are coaches selected and how are they trained?

Coaches are carefully selected from a vast pool of applicants - acceptance rates are less than 10%. Coaches go through a 7 stage vetting process before they’re accepted into the Clayful coaching program.

This includes a 6 module training on the specific evidence-based strategies utilized during coaching. These strategies are derived from best practices in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Science, Neuroscience, and Education.

In order to become Clayful Coaches, applicants must: 
• Have experience working with kids
• Have experience working with diverse populations
• Have more than 4 years of experience in mental health and/or education
• Have successfully completed the Clayful Coaching certification program

Currently, 60% of coaches have a master’s degree in the Mental Health field. 

Can I help my child with the strategies they are learning with a coach?


Every month, Clayful shares key topics students are chatting about along with tips and strategies you can use to support your child. For example, if students are working on managing academic stress, we might suggest supporting your child using specific open-ended questions as a way to invite discussion with your child.

Can my other children get access to Clayful Coaching?

Clayful provides coaching through schools and free to families. If you want your other child(ren) to access Clayful Coaching, please invite them to contact us at ​​ to learn more.

What if I have more questions?

We're happy to help! Reach out at