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Give every student support in 60 seconds 🕒

"life changing and life saving"

I wanted to thank you one more time, you helped me deal with a huge issue and i might resolve the whole thing in one conversation!

i really appreciate what the Clayful team is doing in today's world because this stuff is life changing and life saving

Middle School Student

"texting helps a lot"

i have a counselor but sometimes i get really ashamed when it comes to telling her how i feel

 texting helps a lot


"this keeps my class going"

In the past we would have had to stop what we were teaching and deal with like two or three peer conflicts.

Now I tell them to go on Clayful and talk to a coach so they get some strategies to emotionally regulate.


Clayful Coaching supports school-based wellness at scale

Reach every student

It’s possible with a coach in every student’s pocket and/or school device.

Support beyond school hours

Coaches are there when students need them - before, during, and after school.

Intervene quickly and early

Rest easy knowing school personnel are alerted if a student is struggling.

Wellness needs are outpacing schools' capacity

We can help 💛

Let's flip the MTSS model
and give every student personalized support

Clayful Health for Schools and Districts | Get PricingClayful Health for Schools and Districts | Get PricingClayful Health for Schools and Districts | Get Pricing

Evidence-based coaching

Clayful Coaching leverages best practices from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Science, Neuroscience, and Education.

Coaches are trained mental care professionals with experience in mental health and/or education

Data-driven interventions

Get standards-aligned programming built by a team of curriculum and mental health experts using anonymized student data.

• Whole group lessons
• Self-paced lessons
• Student-centered tips
• Counselor resources
• Professional development
• Family tips

Integrated system of support

Rest easy knowing every student has a trusted coach in their pocket so you can focus on those who need you most.

Focus your initiatives & resources on what students actually need with anonymized data reports, timely escalations, and expert collaboration.

We’re on the same page about safety and security

Rigorous vetting

Coaches go through multiple background & reference checks, interviews, & certification

No assigned coaches

Students benefit from a community of coaches, instead of just one

Text only

No images are requested. Coaches can’t see your child’s name or email address

Multiple security layers

Chats are monitored through the Clayful algorithm and a secondary Coach Supervisor

Support not advice

Coaching is designed to support your child to discover what works for them

Transcripts are private

Chat information is only disclosed when required or permitted by law

Give every kid someone to talk to.

Learn how Clayful can support your students now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Clayful?

  • Clayful closes the gap between the supply and demand for mental health providers. Clayful makes it possible for schools to offer wellness support to 100% of their students
  • Clayful provides an alternative pathway for students seeking wellness support in a way that aligns with the communication style students prefer most: texting
  • Clayful feels anonymous because it’s chat based. Students often get support with things online before they are ready to get it in person  
  • Clayful provides support in real-time so students can get support where and when they need it, without needing to wait for an appointment.

Who are Clayful Coaches?

Clayful coaches are former teachers, mental health professionals, community leaders, and industry professionals who have a passion for kids and mental health.

Applicants must: 

  1. go through a rigorous 7-phase process before being selected to enter the certification program.
  2. complete Clayful’s certification program, which has been developed by leading experts in pediatric psychology & adult learning from Stanford University. 
  3. pass every assessment, with 90% or higher, and complete several rounds of simulation practice where they demonstrate mastery of every skill. 

Once an applicant is certified as a Clayful Coach, they continue growing with the support of a clinical supervisor who monitors and supports them at all times.

What happens if a student is in crisis?

99.5% of chats on Clayful center around daily stressors, setting goals, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

In the event of a crisis, Coaches and Coach Supervisors work together to follow clear and codified escalation procedures.

Coaches never deal with escalations alone; a team of Coach Supervisors and platform administrators work together to support higher acuity needs. 

In these instances, the coaching team will administer a risk assessment to the student before deciding on the best course of action. 

If it is determined that a student is at risk of imminent harm, Clayful will reach out to a pre-designated escalation team at the school, the student’s guardian and/or a pre-identified local emergency agency depending on time of day and/or the location of the student at the time of the crisis. 

How do families decide if Clayful is right for their family?

Families always have the choice to opt their child(ren) in or out of Clayful services.

Clayful provides schools and districts with resources to clearly communicate options to every family, in 12 languages, and in digital and paper form.

Families feel comfortable and empowered to make the right decision for their family. Clayful makes this decision and the communication of this decision effortless.

Do students always work with the same coach?

Clayful has made an intentional decision to support students on-demand with a community of coaches, instead of having one assigned coach for each student. Here’s why: 

Timeliness matters: Pre-teens and teens experience a roller coaster of emotions that is filled with sharp drops and quick turns. By providing students with a community of coaches, Clayful provides support to students when they are in dysregulation, so students can work through challenges in real time.

Protecting student emotions: A community of coaches means students will never notice if a coach is out sick or transitions out of Clayful. Many students experience a lot of teacher and community churn. Clayful provides a consistent support system for students throughout their adolescent years.

Coaches, not crutches: As Clayful Coaches, our goal is to coach ourselves out of a job. We aim to empower students & give them tools & strategies to coach themselves. By not having an assigned coach, we are decreasing the likelihood of a student developing a dependency on a particular person. 

More is better than one: It’s important to communicate to students that there is not just ONE Clayful Coach who cares about you, but rather a whole community of amazing people cheering you on. 

Safety first: While every chat is monitored and coaches are rigorously selected & continuously screened for safety, a community of coaches means students cannot develop unhealthy relationships with any one adult. 

Designed for continuity: Students deserve to have a seamless experience between coaching sessions. Our proprietary note-taking protocol ensures students have a continuous experience when they interact with multiple coaches over time. 

How can teachers get involved?

Teachers are an important part of the Clayful experience for students.

Teachers can support Clayful use in a variety of ways:

  • Teachers can invite students to complete weekly, asynchronous mini lessons in English, ELA, homeroom, morning meeting time, advisory, or anytime throughout the day. 
  • Teachers can dedicate time to coaching each week and have their entire class engage in coaching while they pull small groups or support students 1:1.
  • Teachers can leverage Clayful tools to facilitate coaching with their students. Our tools are printed in poster size and hung in classrooms and hallways to support conflict resolution, emotional regulation, engagement, and attendance.
  • Teachers can suggest students connect with a Clayful coach to support a variety of challenges such as: test anxiety, holiday times, world or local events, big transitions, and more.

How do we measure the impact of Clayful?

Students rate Clayful 4.7/5 stars!

In addition, early data shows that:

  • students who engage in Clayful coaching are more likely to go to school 
  • teachers spend less time resolving student conflict and more time teaching
  • students are able to move from dysregulation to regulation more quickly

What languages does Clayful support?

Clayful offers coaching in 133 languages!

We know that big emotions are best expressed and received in a student’s home language. We are proud of being able to offer support in so many languages so that all students can benefit from coaching.

What does implementation look like?

As former educators, we know how important it is to have a streamlined implementation.

As a result, we have designed a thoughtful and personalized implementation journey that includes the following phases: 

  1. Pre Launch: Kick-off meeting, roster staff and students, staff PD, teachers introduce Clayful to students, families complete consent forms (if applicable)
  2. Launch: Students create accounts and engage in Clayful coaching and complete Clayful journals
  3. Post Launch: Clayful shares pre-screener, activation data and key trends in chat topics

How can I delete my Clayful account?

To request that your existing Clayful account be deleted, please follow the steps listed below: 

  1. Go to the Delete Your Account page using a web browser. Please note: If you’re not logged into Clayful on the web, you’ll be asked to log in first.
  2. Fill out the request deletion form
  3. Click Submit

For security reasons, we can’t delete an account for you unless you log into your account to request deletion. If you can’t remember your password, open the forgot your password page.

What happens after I request deletion?
It may take up to 10 business days to complete the deletion process once requested. During that time, you can continue to login and use Clayful. We'll let you know via email once your account has been deleted. If you decide to cancel your deletion request, you can do so by sending an email to

After your request is processed, your account will be deleted and you will no longer be able to login unless you sign up again.

Welcome to the new standard
for student wellness