Coaching for every kid,
resources for every educator

We can address the mental health crisis, together.

Student wellness demands are skyrocketing,
and the system is not set up to support them 💛

Clayful Coaching supports school-based wellness at scale

Reach every student

Yep. It’s possible. A coach in every student’s pocket and/or school device.

Support beyond school hours

Coaches are there when students need them - before, during, and after school.

Intervene quickly and early

Rest easy knowing school personnel are alerted if a student is struggling.

Why? Wellness impacts grades, graduation, & growth

Poor mental health is the biggest contributor to low student attendance.

Only 40% of students struggling with mental wellness graduate from high school.

Let's flip the MTSS model
and give every student personalized support

Clayful Health for Schools and Districts | Get PricingClayful Health for Schools and Districts | Get PricingClayful Health for Schools and Districts | Get Pricing

Evidence-based coaching

Clayful Coaching leverages best practices from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Science, Neuroscience, and Education.

Coaches have more than 4 years of experience in mental health and/or education.

Data-driven interventions

Get standards-aligned programming based on anonymized students data.

Built by a team of curriculum and mental health experts.

• Whole group lessons
• Self-paced lessons
• Student-centered tips
• Counselor resources
• Professional development
• Family tips

Integrated system of support

Rest easy knowing every student has a trusted coach in their pocket -- so you can focus on those who need you most.

Plus, focus your initiatives & resources on what students actually need with anonymized data reports, timely escalations, and expert collaboration.

We’re on the same page about safety and security

Rigorous vetting

Coaches go through multiple background checks & reference, interviews, & certification

No assigned coaches

Students benefit from a community of coaches, instead of just one

Text only

No images are requested. Coaches kids talk to can’t see your child’s name or email address

Multiple security layers

Chats are monitored through the Clayful algorithm and a secondary Super Coach

Support not advice

Coaching is designed to support your child to discover what best works for them

Transcripts are private

Chat information is only disclosed when required or permitted by law

Give every kid someone to talk to.

Learn how Clayful can support your students now.

Welcome to the new standard
for student wellness

"makes me not feel so lonely"

i was able to express how i felt without the fear of being judged.

Honestly the Clayful Coaches have been my only comfort through my tough times right now

Middle School Student

"This is what we've needed"

Everything changes so quickly.
This kid was in my office two days ago. 
They were fine! But then I got the alert.

I feel at ease knowing they have this resource when I go home


"Clayful is consistent support"

the beginning of the school year was ROUGH. 
I didn’t know how to be proactive and preventative.

There is a lot of transition and teacher turnover.

Clayful can be the consistent support.