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kid is mentally healthy 💛 

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Clayful is not just providing a service - we’re building a new way of doing things.

Guided by our core values, we’ll meet these challenges creatively, together 💪

We don't want to just be the BEST,
we want to be DIFFERENT

By challenging conventions, pushing boundaries, and fostering innovative thinking, we strive to be trailblazers in our industry. 

We encourage our team members to embrace their individuality, think outside the box, and pursue ideas that disrupt the status quo.

We embody a relentless

We believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement.

By seeking excellence in our work, we inspire each other to exceed expectations, deliver exceptional results, and create remarkable experiences for our team, partners, and kids.

We do things that DON'T scale

Some of the most transformative experiences and relationships are born from actions that defy scalability. 

We embrace the idea that by investing time, effort, and personal touch in activities that may not easily scale, we create unique and unforgettable moments for our team, partners, and the kids we serve.

We strive to get 1% BETTER EVERY DAY

We are dedicated to the pursuit of constant growth and improvement, committing ourselves to becoming 1% better every day.

We recognize that small, incremental advancements accumulated over time lead to significant progress and excellence.

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