Coaching gives us superpowers

With Clayful, students get strategies for navigating emotions, reframing unhelpful thoughts, & fostering relationships

Check out examples below

Example #1
Navigating emotions: Anger

We aren’t always taught how to deal with anger — a totally normal, sometimes helpful human emotion.

Often, when we feel angry, we are told our anger is a problem — but it’s not…

The problem is what we do when we’re angry.

By pressing pause we can make the choices we actually want to make -  not the ones driven by anger.

In a Coaching session, students will go through the 10 strategies for pressing pause and staying in control.

Example #2 
Reframing unhelpful thoughts: Shame

Feelings of shame and self-doubt have always been common - especially in students.

But living in today’s digital world both amplifies their volume & their impact on our mental wellness.

Shifting the narrative - and telling ourselves a different story - can make all the difference.

In a Coaching session, students are invited to notice the stories they tell themselves -- and change the ones that are untrue, harmful, and creating shame.

Example #3
Fostering relationships:  Apologizing

All relationships crack in some way.

The secret to happy & healthy relationships is what happens after the crack.

The good news is relationships can be repaired --- and it all starts with an apology.

In a Coaching sessions, students use this tool to repair a crack in a relationship (and make it even stronger than it was before).

Get coaching for all your students

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Every Coaching session is...


Coaches are trained to maintain a neutral stance and remain unbiased.

They do not judge or give an opinion.


Coaches ask powerful questions that support students in making decisions.

They give tools, not solutions.


Coaches put the student in the driver seat, and help the student take control.

They guide but they don't lead.

Coaches are trained professionals

Highly vetted

Coaches go through multiple national & local background checks, references, and interviews.

Trained & certified

Coaches must complete Clayful's proprietary certification based on research-based strategies.

Continuously supported

Coaches receive ongoing professional learning & support from the Coach Success team.

Clayful Coaches have...

4+ years of experience working with preteens/teens or in mental wellness
Undergraduate degree or equivalent
Additional training through a proprietary research-based certification & ongoing PD
A clean record - and are continuously monitored via national & local background checks
have Mental Wellness experience
current or former educator
Parent, guardian, or caretaker
thoroughly vetted

Get coaching for all your students

Learn how Clayful can support your students now.

Safety and security are our #1 priority

Rigorous vetting

Coaches go through multiple background checks & reference, interviews, & certification

No assigned coaches

Students benefit from a community of coaches, instead of just one

Text only

No images or personal information is requested. Coaches can’t see students' name or email address

Multiple security layers

Chats are monitored through the Clayful algorithm & a supervisor

Support not advice

Coaching is designed to support your child to discover what best works for them

Transcripts are private

Chat information is only disclosed when required or permitted by law