Erika Boehme

Coach Training Specialist

Erika is a Coaching Training Specialist at Clayful and a Certified Life Coach. She creates spaces for people to remember who the force they are.


From a young age, Erika had an elevated perspective on the world and a calling to live a deep + meaningful life. This catalyzed her to become a student of philosophy, psychology, spirituality, neuroscience, and all things human potential, while still being a high school student. She feels most alive when she’s challenging the status quo, taking risks and being brave. The guiding force behind everything she does is to revolutionize the human experience to co-create a socially just, spiritually fulfilling and environmentally sustainable world for all. She was born to be a rebel visionary and today evokes innovative leadership potential in others with her private coaching clients, transformational rewilding retreats, and thought leadership. To Erika, Clayful is about bringing self-sovereignty to developing humans to spark the next generation of integrated, whole-self leaders.