Ilana Ingber

Head of Coaching

Ilana Ingber is a Professional Certified Coach with a mission to spread joy, creativity, and vitality to every space and person she meets.


Ilana has coached everyone from Kindergartners, CEOs, burnt out teachers, executive directors, to middle schoolers, wellness experts, and entrepreneurs. She is extremely passionate about mental health because as a kid she struggled a great deal with anxiety and PTSD. This challenge ultimately led her on her own hero’s journey which taught her deep empathy for the suffering of others and inspired a desire to help.

She began her career as an art teacher in NYC public schools and was a pioneer bringing mindfulness and SEL curriculum into her classroom. Like many new, enthusiastic, and hopeful young teachers, Ilana was motivated to make a difference and disheartened to find that schools were under-resourced and often felt like “stress factories” where being burnt out as a principal, teacher, and student was the norm.

After almost a decade of working directly in schools, Ilana left the school system to create several of her own businesses; a youth empowerment summer camp, a teacher mentorship program, and a coaching practice. This became her lab where she had no limitations to try out and test different ways of bringing creativity, mindfulness, connection, and play as powerful tools for well being and transformation.

She is now thrilled to return to her mission in a new way with new tools and a new platform to create change. It is a dream come true for her to be a part of the Clayful team of visionaries and creative thought leaders that are thinking outside of the box to create solutions to issues that have persisted and worsened because of a lack of resources. She is committed to creating a positive shift in how schools feel and how youth are supported. Ilana believes the root of all mental health challenges is a breakdown in connection and creativity. Clayful provides an antidote to those breakdowns.