Izanna Levintova

Marketing Manager

As an experienced marketer and mental health advocate, Izanna is motivated to create new tools to support students on their own journeys.


Izanna and her family immigrated to America back in 1996, when she was just one year old. Growing up, Izanna was a performing artist who danced competitively in Ballet and Contemporary shows throughout the East Coast. Her success as a dancer led to her having even bigger ambitions of making an impact in the world through her creativity, but from a young age, her parents always encouraged her to pursue a more conventional and safer path.

Izanna took a safe path through her early twenties. She studied Business and Economics at Rutgers University and went on to work as a digital marketer at a large media agency and brand conglomerate. After a successful few-year journey overseeing digital transformations across many large brands, Izanna’s creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and determination led her to take the path less traveled and start her own company.  

She started Onsite Planning, a platform that uses AI-powered technology to curate authentic, concierge-led experiences for modern travelers. As founder and CEO, she led the company from ideation to launch, achieving fast product-market fit and securing strategic partnerships to drive user acquisition and retention. 

After navigating her own personal mental health journey, and closely helping her loved ones with theirs, Izanna was inspired to bring her expertise as a creative storyteller and marketer to help expand the reach of the resources available for kids and teens. She joined Clayful to help end the youth mental health crisis.