Jane Hursey

Coach Success Manager

As a professionally trained Life Coach, Jane brings her passion for mental health, entrepreneurial skills, and experience coaching teens to Clayful.


Jane grew up in a small town in northern Michigan where mental health resources were nonexistent. She was at the top of her class academically and an all-state athlete, but struggled with her mental health through middle and high school. It wasn’t until college that she sought out support and decided to prioritize her mental health.

After college, Jane started her career in the training and development field. During this time, she hired her first life coach and fell in love with coaching. Soon after Jane decided to pivot in her career and began her certification training to become a Life Coach. She started her own coaching business specializing in supporting teen girls and became the coach she wish she had as a teen. This re-ignited Jane’s passion for mental health and lead her to Clayful. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing team to support kids’ mental health + give every kid someone to talk to.

Curiosity is a key trait of Jane’s that she carries with her through her work and her personal life. Whether it’s researching her next international trip, new coaching techniques, or healthy living habits, she always has a beginner’s mindset and is excited to learn something new.