Dr. Julia Jeffries, Ph.D.

Head of Education

Julia combines her passion for making school a safe place for all with a strategic focus on partnerships to create exemplary content & experiences.


Julia holds her PhD in Education from Harvard University, where she studied how teachers can work with students to create culturally responsive and inclusive environments. During her time as a graduate student, she also worked as a curriculum writer, focusing specifically on civic education and identity. Julia created and facilitated professional development experiences that helped teachers to implement their curricula with fidelity, and helped coach teachers as they experienced problems of practice. After graduating, Julia worked as an Associate at McKinsey and company, where she had the opportunity to work with clients on some of the most pressing problems in education.

She is thrilled to bring these skills and experiences to Clayful, where she'll work to tackle the critical issue of mental health availability and access facing young people in the United States.Outside of work, Julia enjoys spending time outside running, hiking, and playing pickleball, cooking, and spending time with her wife and son.