Karl Francel

Sr. Partnerships Manager

Stanford grad, MBA, former founder in EdTech. On a lifelong quest to help others achieve self actualization, I’m here to sell you on your best you.


A product of a small public school in rural Oklahoma, Karl always dreamed bigger than most. While at Stanford, he realized he wanted to help others do it too. While completing his biology undergraduate degree, he founded an education company to help under-resourced schools achieve exceptional outcomes for students. He realized his purpose in connecting and empowering communities through high-leverage force multipliers that amplify the very best of their identity.

At Clayful, this purpose is more perfectly realized than ever before. Clayful is that force multiplier for over-burdened counseling and administration teams in K12 education.  His goals are for your future— for your current school team to feel a surge of support in the fight against the teen mental health crisis and a dramatically increased ability to meet every student where they’re at in their personal fight for self actualization. It’s the fight we are all fighting, but no longer doing it alone. We are here to help you be your best you, as individuals and as a community of caring educators.