Kristin Battaglini

Product Manager

Kristin is a former educator and lifelong learner who believes in the possibility of improving outcomes for young people through innovative technology.


Kristin knows first-hand how critical it is for students to have equitable access to mental health support and deeply believes in Clayful’s mission. During her adolescence, Kristin grappled with what she now recognizes as anxiety (though at the time, she couldn't articulate it). She tried therapy as a teen but was overwhelmed by the task of communicating her thoughts and feelings and didn’t stick with it. She struggled until after graduating from college when she committed to prioritizing her mental health in ways that suited her needs. She often wonders what might have been different if she had the tools to name what she was feeling and access to support on her own terms before needing to seek professional help. She is grateful Clayful is reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and filling the gaps left by school counselor and mental health professional vacancies nationwide by empowering young people to learn how to ask for the help they need. 

Kristin completed her undergraduate studies at Wake Forest University and after graduation joined Teach For America as a fourth-grade teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her experience in the classroom inspired her to continue supporting students through technology at Panorama Education. Kristin recently graduated from The University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education and has more than a decade of experience working in education.

Kristin uses her experience at different vantage points in the education ecosystem to support Clayful’s Product team in the strategy and execution of its goals. Outside of her work at Clayful, Kristin loves trying new restaurants in NYC, watching K-dramas, spending time at the New Jersey shore, and her dog, Cannoli.